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We invite you to read the following rules governing any term of use of the site and its services. Browsing the website means full acceptance of them.

1. Definitions 

The site www.kaimano.it is an information service provided by the Fiskars Italy srl, henceforth called KAIMANO. The company address is via Paracelso, 24 - Palazzo Cassiopea 2, 20864 Agrate Bianza (MB), Italy. We define with the name USER the subject, person or entity that accesses to use the site.

2. Copyright

All documents, images, sounds, databases, softwares and any other product in this site are protected by copyright. Every action reserved to the holder of the rights accomplished without his authorization can be prosecuted civilly and criminally by national and international laws regarding author’s rights and copyright. Analog, printing or digital reproduction (with the exception of the temporary screen play required for viewing pages on the site), and any other act of exercising the economic or moral rights of use reserved to the holder are forbidden in any analogue or digital way without the written KAIMANO authorization. Notwithstanding the above, the copy of the materials present in the site is allowed only for strictly personal information and non-commercial use, and unless it involves the sending, the communication, the communication to the public or the spread on computer networks or through other media, and no change must happen to them and, in any case, on the copy there must be the indication of the title of the work (if any), the author's name and the term of copyright expressed by the symbol "©" followed by the current year and the name of the owner of the site (example: © 2010 Fiskars.com).

3. Trademarks, domains and distinctive features

The domain www.kaimano.it is registered in the name of KAIMANO. All rights reserved. Registered and unregistered trademarks of products or services, domains, logos and other distinctive features of the company can only be used with the prior written authorization of the KAIMANO company. Every action reserved by national and international laws to the holder of the rights, relating to trademarks and distinctive features made without his authorization can be prosecuted civilly and criminally. All other trademarks, product names or services, domains, names of companies or companies, logos and brands appearing on the website of the KAIMANO company belong to their respective owners. The KAIMANO company is not authorized to concede them, nor concedes, in any case, the use to third parties.

4. Graphics, structure and other protected elements

The elements of the site, its structure and its graphics are protected by trade laws and other laws. Therefore they cannot be copied, imitated, retransmitted or otherwise used, in whole or in part, without the prior written KAIMANO authorization.

5. Web link

Links from other sites are permitted as long as authorized by the KAIMANO company, made through the front page (home page) and directly. Practices of deep linking and framing are, in any form, forbidden.

6. Liability system

The use of the site does not imply the supply of exhaustive, complete, accurate or up-to-date information of the subjects: the documents on this website may contain inaccurate data or typographical errors. In any case the KAIMANO company cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the reliance of anybody on the comprehensiveness, completeness, accuracy or updating of this information. The KAIMANO company has no control over other web sites that can be accessed through links on this site nor assumes any responsibility for those sites.

It is our care to minimize disruptions caused by technical problems. Part of the data or of the information on the site may have been put on or structured in files or formats that may not be error-free. The KAIMANO company cannot assume, nor assumes any liability for any issues arisen to any user or third party using this site or any sites linked to it.

By placing contents on the site, the KAIMANO company does not want to violate any author’s right, industrial property right and other laws. The creation of content put on the site, as far as we know, has been authorized by rights owners, or it is related to free or public domain material. If it is inadvertently placed in the website any material without the consent of the copyright owner or in violation of the law, please inform us at the email address civ-mailbox@fiskars.com and will act as soon as possible.

The content of the site is not meant in any way to be offensive. If it was perceived by some, please inform us at the email address civ-mailbox@fiskars.com and will act as soon as possible.

7. Responsibility of the USER for the use of passwords or access codes

Some sections or services of this site are or will be available or accessible via password or access codes. USER is obliged towards KAIMANO to do the utmost care in the use and safekeeping of passwords and access codes, in particular not storing them in clear in places not supervised or on the computer screen or in the memory of the computer and he is therefore responsible for all the consequences related to the possible misuse of the password or access code. The password and the code assigned to the user are strictly personal and not transferable. In case of loss, theft or well-founded fear that his password or access code may have come to the knowledge of third parties, the USER must immediately notify the supplier through the e-mail address civ-mailbox@fiskars.com so that the same provide, as quickly as technically possible, to assign a new one. KAIMANO reserves the right to suspend the authorizations linked to the password or access code until their recovery.

8. Complaints

The user may at any time make complaints by writing to:

Fiskars Italy s.r.l.
Via Paracelso, 24 - Palazzo Cassiopea 2
20864 Agrate Brianza (MB), Italia

Or by sending an e-mail to serviceconsommateurs@fiskars.com.

9. Relevant legislation

For all matters not covered by the rules set out above to use the
site please refer to the laws in force in the Italian territory.