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Before being the company policy, quality must be a human vocation or, more exactly, it must be a challenge to improve.
Kaimano is a successful company established in 1920. Nowadays, unquestioned leader in its market segment.

Kaimano sharpest knives bring quality, safety and design on the table. Cutting in safety with less effort as possible has always been our aim.

Today, more than ever, Kaimano knife ranges are designed to meet tastes and needs of final consumers, whose way of life is always changing.


Year of foundation “Lama Italia”: millions of Italians started to shave with our famous blades, prestigious ancestors of Kaimano modern production.

In the 50s
The company “Lama Italia”, owned by a local family and renamed Kaimano, launches the famous paring knives, small blade knives utilized for peeling vegetables. In those years, when Moplen is an iconic status, Kaimano durable knives became very popular. Acqui Terme based company grows and develops.

Fiskars Italy buys Kaimano.
Kaimano products and theirs prestigious brand gather successes in Italy and abroad.
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