Kaimano, a history of quality.

Kaimano, born in Acqui Terme in 1926 with the name of “Lama Italia”, has a prestigious history in the world production of blades and knives. In the ‘30s, millions of Italians were shaving with razor blades, famous ancestors of modern Kaimano blade production, that started in the ‘50s with the launch of a line of small knives with plastic handle.

Kaimano knives, granting great value for money and guaranteed long-term duration, quickly became fashionable and allowed the company to grow and develop a huge production bringing on all Italians’ table quality, safety and design.

Since 1997, Kaimano is a registered trademark of Fiskars Group, a Finnish multinational company, global leader in consumer products for home, garden and outdoor activities. With nearly 10 million knives sold annually, Kaimano is today the undeniable leader in the market of table knives and offers different lines designed to meet all the tastes and the needs of the end consumer, still performing with great success in Italy and worldwide.


Kaimano mission is bringing on the everyday table the quality and safety of its products and allow people enjoying more and more the family moments together, thanks to new collections and colors that add a touch of imagination, creativity and joy at the table.


Fiskars is a global leader of consumer products for home, garden and outdoors. The Finnish group has a portfolio of international brands such as Fiskars®, iittala®, Gerber®. Founded in 1649 and listed at the Helsinki stock exchange, Fiskars, with its 365 years of activity heritage, is the oldest Finnish company and one of the oldest in the west. In 2014 Fiskars recorded net sales of about 800 million euro, providing employment for more than 4,100 employees worldwide. It’s also present with its own sales units in over 40 countries. Fiskars is present in Italy with Fiskars Italy srl offices and logistic hub in Civate (Lecco). Market leader for many years, Fiskars is growing in all areas related to the house, garden and outdoor life with brands Fiskars, Kaimano, iittala and Gerber.


Kaimano is always at the forefront of the table knives design. Blade profiles are all designed to satisfy all possible use for consumers. Kaimano has been the first to strongly innovate by applying, for example, a special profile for pizza cutting to Kaimano technology. The shapes of the handles are continuously renewed in ergonomics, aesthetics and colors. The materials are chosen by selecting the best suppliers of raw material to ensure the best performance and durability. The quality control supervises all stages of the product manufacturing, from the design, through the choice of materials to factory controls and on the finished product. This is to ensure all hygiene and safety requirements in food, according to the law. Thanks to the synergy with Fiskars group, development procedures and quality control are now even more efficient, bringing Kaimano up to the best competitive and modern standards.